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Healthy Inflammation Response
Supports Immune System
Supports Antioxidant
Helps occasional Stomach Upset

Acid Reflux & Heartburn Relief


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Why choose Scurma Fizzy?

  • 7500X ABSORPTION THAN NORMAL CURCUMIN: Ultra-small, nano-sized curcumin particles in Scurma Fizzy helps curcumin stable at gastric pH and FULLY delivered to the intestinal wall for enhanced absorption.

  • SITE-SPECIFIC DELIVERY TECHNOLOGY FOR 40X BIOAVAILABLITY: Normal curcumin has its benefits scattered as curcumin is distributed in random fashion thoughout the body. Our technology employs Folic Acid and PLGA to navigate and deliver nano curcumin to specific site that needs improvement. 

  • Easy to carry, easier to drink than taking powder, no need effort to prepare still increase absorption. The price is decent, come down to $1/serving.

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