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Science. Tested. Repeat.

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Curcumin Standardized to 99.9%

Our Curcumin is standardized to 99.9% before transformed into Curcumin Nano Micelles. 


At our FDA-registered laboratory, raw and fresh Turmeric is rinsed and peeled. It then goes through a Fluid Bed Granulation drying process to ensure the resulting Turmeric powder is free of any contaminants such as cadmium, lead, sulfur, or other unwanted bacteria. 


Our clinicians dutifully extract the powder through a strict 5-step standardization procedure to acquire Curcumin that is 99.9% pure - with no essential oil impurities. 


All Curcumin 99.9% is then tested to ensure that it is in excellent order for the next science process. 

Trade-Secret Nano Micelles & Site-Specific Delivery Technologies

Evolu’s researchers supervise every step of the production at our FDA-registered manufacturer. At this stage, under our Trade-Secret process, standardized Curcumin, infused with Acid Folic (Vitamin B9), is upgraded (or to be exact: micronized!) into Nano Micelles form for maximum absorption, equipped with Site-Specific Delivery Technology for maximum potency.*  


Testing is done, again, at the manufacturer site and at Certified 3rd-party laboratory for impurities, heavy contaminants, and harmful bacteria of the final SCurma Fizzy product.   


Our manufacturer is FDA-registered, following cGMP and GMP-WHO regulations to ensure only product of highest quality survive to market.

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