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Vietnam’s fine Turmeric somehow managed to remain hidden for centuries


We look for quality and we believe we can only find it at unique places. Vietnam’s fine Turmeric somehow managed to remain hidden for centuries. Evolu spent our early years scouring the fields of Vietnamese highlands for great Turmeric. When we found it, we quickly understood that we could extract great Curcumin from this gem. 


Only three Vietnamese mountainous provinces, Kon Tum - Nghe An - Bac Kan, have the soil profiles (fertility, suitability and quality) that contribute to the purest and highest Curcumin content. At high elevation, the lands are free from soil and water erosion, free from pollution, and free from municipal or industrial waste. We continue to rely on a tight network of small growers in the regions, from whose Turmeric we hand-pick the best mature roots, one bag at a time, for a premium price.


Since no preservative is involved during transportation, the premium Turmeric is again hand-picked to make sure only the freshest ready before the science process begins at our FDA-registered lab facility. 


Our Turmeric, hence, is all natural, with no-pesticides or preservatives, and always Non-GMO. 

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